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Back & Neck Pain

Back and Neck pain can be caused by a number of factors such as sitting at a desk for long periods, poor posture, weak core muscles or poor flexibility.

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Experts in treating Neck and Back Pain

We regularly treat such conditions as whiplash, disc pathology, joint dysfunction, post spinal surgery and muscle spasm. We aim to restore normal posture, improve ergonomics, strengthen core muscles and increase flexibility.

We regularly are in contact with the leading Spinal Orthopaedic surgeons and Neurosurgeons to give our clients the best advice when onward referral is needed.

What to expect from your visit

  • You will have an assessment in which we test your joint range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility, joint and disc integrity.
  • We will have a detailed look at your postural alignment and your spinal alignment
  • We will give you a detailed explanation of what the injury is and how we can fix it.
  • We use the latest technology to show a display of the injured area. This will give you a better understanding of the nature of your injury.
We use a number of techniques in treating back and neck pain such as:

  • exercise prescription
  • advice and education
  • soft tissue massage
  • joint mobilisation
  • postural correction

You will be sent your rehab program so you can access it online from your smart phone or tablet.

Long Term Management, We aim to…

Improve you
Improve your
Work Ergonomics
Core Strength
Improve Joint
Release Soft
Tissue Tightness

Long Term Management, We aim to…

5 Star Google Reviews

Chris have helped me with a few issues over time, such as shoulders / neck. Chris is super professional and he has a ton of knowledge. I would recommend Chris to anyone with any physical therapy issues.

Maximilian WensboShoulders / Neck

Chris is an excellent physio therapist. I had an acute pain from the neck towards the head for a month, and I could not do even shopping during this time. His very attentive treatment, dry needles and exercise therapy resolved my issue, now I can go back to my active routine - jogging, tennis, pilates, etc. Thank you very much, Chris!

Hiroko Shibata TerlingoNeck Pain

Chris is great. I had a lot of back pain and Chris identified that I had a damaged disc. I needed an op to fix the issue and Chris worked with me on a post op rehabilitation program, he kept in contact to see how I was progressing between sessions. I am now 100% thanks to his work, support and advice, which is very much appreciated. Absolutely would recommend his practice.

Shane O'BrienBack Pain / Post Op Rehab

I first came to Chris a few weeks ago with severe pain in my neck and shoulder. After a few sessions in clinic and guided exercises to complete at home, I felt a huge improvement. Chris is really friendly and highly professional, I would definitely recommend!

Laoise O'NeillNeck / Shoulder Pain

Would highly recommend Chris Keane Physio. Went to him with a lower back problem which had existed for years. Chris does not make any empty promises and I found his level of knowledge and work second to none. I am now almost pain free something I did not see possible 6 months ago. Chris has given me many of the exercises to maintain this and progress further. Excellent service.

Dave ConroyLower Back Problem

I went to Chris after experiencing some lower back and glute pain. He quickly identified the source of my pain and started me on a programme of exercises to address my issues. He always checked that the exercise plan was manageable both from a physical and time perspective, something I believe is crucial to long term success. I'm now much improved and would highly recommend Chris.

Suzanne CrawleyLower Back / Glute Pain

Chris Keane is the most professional physio I have ever come across. I had a small issue with my back and had previously visited other physio's who couldn't help me. Chris quickly identified the issue and fixed it and gave me specific exercises and treatment. Within two weeks I noticed a massive difference and feel much better. Chris contacted me by phone and email to check my progress and provide extra tips as needed. I highly recommend him and I will continue to visit him as needed into the future.

Ted RobinsonBack Pain
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