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Vertigo/Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of physiotherapy that involves treatment manoeuvres and exercise in order to decrease dizziness and improve balance.

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The goal of vestibular rehabilitation is to retrain the vestibular system and the brain to recognize and process signals about movement and spatial orientation in coordination with information from vision and proprioception.

Our vestibular rehabilitation programme consists of an initial evaluation which lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. During this time a series of tests and eye movements are recorded in order to make a diagnosis. Dynamic visual acuity is tested to give insight into vestibular function. Computerized dynamic posturography is used to allow us to measure various aspects of your balance.

5 Star Google Reviews

Chris is excellent, very thorough and attentive. He helped me make a very rapid recovery from hip replacement. From someone who played hurling and football I would recommend him to all sports men and women. He also looked after my son who was struggling with his knees. His professionalism is of the highest order

David PowerPost-Op Recovery

I had a quite serious bicep/tendon issue and attended Chris and his staff for a number of months. I made real progress. Tendon problems are very slow to heal. I found that everything was explained really well and exercise programmes very planned and clearly set out. Thanks to all

Billy O DeaTreatment Title

Chris is an excellent physio therapist. I had an acute pain from the neck towards the head for a month, and I could not do even shopping during this time. His very attentive treatment, dry needles and exercise therapy resolved my issue, now I can go back to my active routine - jogging, tennis, pilates, etc. Thank you very much, Chris!

Hiroko Shibata TerlingoTreatment Title

I attended Chris Keane Physio with a shoulder problem. His knowledge, professionalism and expertise was first class. Most importantly, I am pain-free again. I would highly recommend.

Andrea GallagherTreatment Title

Chris have helped me with a few issues over time, such as shoulders / neck. Chris is super professional and he has a ton of knowledge. I would recommend Chris to anyone with any physical therapy issues.

Maximilian WensboTreatment Title

I had a 2nd grade sprain and I was unable to walk! Chris helped me a lot and within weeks I was back in my normal activities. I highly recommend him!

Halenia Reséndiz OstosTreatment Title

I went to Chris with a knee issue. He immediately diagnosed the problem and prescribed a series of exercises to address it. Within 3 sessions the problem was rectified. Top class

John O'BrienTreatment Title

Chris is excellent, very thorough and attentive. He helped me make a very rapid recovery from knee replacement surgery with progressive sets of exercises to build up strength and flexibility. As a swimmer, hill Walker and sailor, I would recommend him to anyone anxious to recover their full range activity following joint replacement.

Jonathan MasonTreatment Title
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