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Injury Prevention Screening

We carry out our Injury Prevention Screen over Two session’s. The first session we will carry out your Injury screen (FMS). The second session will will take you through your corrective exercise.

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Experts in Injury Prevention Screening

At Chris Keane Physio we believe in doing things right. The body’s ability to tolerate the demands we place on it determines our risk of injury. If we cannot move well, then loading a dysfunctional movement pattern is most certainly going to incur a problem. Loading implies both training volume and intensity.

We all have different abilities, different strengths, limitations and weaknesses, so how can this one fits size all approach work? The reality is, it cant. Starting off on a tailored programme following a thorough assessment will provide us with the tools we need to address our individual weaknesses, thus creating a solid, stable base from which to progress to and withstand a more loaded regime

Is this for you?

  • Are you returning to exercise?
  • Looking for that extra 10% in sporting performance?
  • Returning to sport?
  • Getting back into training after a few months of wintering well?
  • Complaining of ongoing niggles which just “wont go away”?

If any of the above sound like you, then the answer is Yes.

What to expect from your visit

We test you and here’s how

At Chris Keane we use a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to identify your muscle weakness, flexibility limitations and body’s asymmetries. The FMS is a set of 7 functional tests we get you to perform by placing you in an extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable.

Highlighting functional deficits and addressing them can reduce the risk of injury and improve your body performance capability.

This assessment in combination with some other assessment tools that we use in clinic will highlight any functional deficits you may have in terms of strength, control, flexibility or mobility.

The FMS is used worldwide by international athletes. We currently use it with Irish Boxing team, Meath Footballers and Crusaders Athletic team to name a few.

Tailored Programme Design

From your findings we can tailor an individualised programme. This will can reduce the risk of injury and improve your ability to perform to your potential.

We will take you through this programme in our state of the art gym facility. We will use video analysis of you carrying out your exercise programme and send your programme and video’s through to your smart phone or tablet so you can easily access your exercises when carrying out your programme.

Our service is available in clinic to males and females of any age.

Regardless of current activity levels and is suitable for those involved in recreational to higher level sports.

For best result combine with our Performance training.

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Generic programmes
Poor exercise technique
Re-occurring injuries
Poor performance

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5 Star Google Reviews

I was struggling with persistent injuries trying to run 5k and I went to Chris who gave me a programme of exercises to do. I worked as advised and am now doing the aul 5k and beyond 3 times a week. I'm pain free and never thought I'd manage it. Thanks Chris!

CasinodelongeInjury Prevetion

I had been having issues with my lower back and Hamstrings for quite some time, I had been to see 2 different physio's with no positive results, I went to Chris, he had it diagnosed with 15 minutes and had given me exercises to improve it, within 3 sessions it was back to normal, could not recommend Chris enough.

Paddy O'SullivanInjury Prevention

I'd 100% recommend Chris to anyone looking for some help with an injury. Very friendly guy and it's clear from the first session he really knows his stuff. Sessions themselves were great and Chris incorporated exercises specifically to the sport I played. Chris also took videos of exercises I could do between appointments which were very helpful for me to continue rehab. It was clear the work he did with me worked as different strength and flexibility tests we did from the first to last session were all improved.

Liam SmarttInjury Prevention

Great physio who knows his stuff, highly recommend him for any injuries!

Andykav14Injury Prevention

100% recommend Chris, really knows his stuff! Massively helped me through an ankle injury and prepared a fantastic rehab program for me!

Dara LowndesInjury Prevention
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